The World’s Most
Expensive Mustang

  • YEAR : 1970

In 1970 Ford put together a military performance tour for American servicemen stationed overseas in Pacific and European bases showcasing safety seminars, driving clinics, and performance exhibitions bringing the latest in automotive activities from back home. Ford shipped a pool of Mustangs specially built for this purpose, with all of the activities headed up by the principal driver of the team, Al Eckstrand. Al was a highly respected drag racer who had won nearly every stock car drag racing title in the previous seven years. He had a background in law, so each car carried the “Lawman” name.

Of the group of cars that were built and survived, the most legendary of all these was the specially built supercharged Boss 429 with a reported near-1,000 horsepower. Miraculously, this car is still around today and is currently owned and part of Bill Goldberg’s collection.

A true survivor with incredible history.