The Man

Like many car fanatics, Matchbox and Hot Wheels were the model cars that began a life-long love for anything with two or four wheels, a motor and an exhilarating exhaust note. Fast forward from playing cops and robbers on that faux city carpet rug on your bedroom floor your mom got you all the way to your sophomore year

in high school driving your first car to school for the first time. You pull in, get out slowly anticipating a crowd, only to realize everybody has their eyes fixed upon a clean blue 1966 Ford Mustang rumbling into the lot – that was Dennis Collins.

Badass Ain't Cheap And Cheap Ain't Badass

Driving With A Passion

Dennis Collins or "Denny" as his closest friends call him, has somehow managed to maximize his own "cool factor" over the years and turn his own faux city carpet rug into the real life city of Dallas, TX (and beyond). Holding degrees from the University of Texas in Economics and Finance, Dennis quickly realized owning his own business is the smarter choice and began a journey in outfitting Jeeps with Parts and Servicing them in his own shop; Collins Bros Jeep, established in 1984. With Jeep as his primary business, Classic Cars never fell far behind, because for every Jeep sold or serviced in his shop, a classic car finds a new home due to Dennis' knack for locating rare, low mileage, classic beauties and selling them to those who desire them.

It’s A Jeep Thing

In 1984 Jeep CJs were a big deal and many buyers wanted a unique ride with a 'badass' flare and Collins Bros Jeep gave it to them. Between '84 and '07, thousands of Jeep CJs, YJs & TJs rolled through the bay doors of CBJeep which not only sustained the business but helped it grow and cultivate it's own parts line; Black Mountain Jeep Parts & Accessories. A new model of Jeep was in the works and in 2007 was launched as the Jeep JK, currently the most popular Jeep model ever produced. Black Mountain geared itself towards the JK market by producing off-road style parts and accessories for an affordable price as well as selling Black Mountain edition Jeeps on the lot. Now Black Mountain has attained multiple Dealers across the United States even signing up some in Europe and the U.K.

Giving Back To Those In Need

Founded in 2014 by Richard Rawlings, gas monkey foundation has become an agent of change for creating brighter communities for all Texans. By supporting the children, elderly, veterans, and wildlife of Texas, we can help create a better quality of life. Through individual donations and donated vehicles, gas monkey foundation has given over $300,000 to helping make Texas communities brighter.